Meet Our Team

Executive Board


Konrad Reinhart, Germany

Konrad is Chairman of the GSA and widely recognized as an international champion of sepsis. He is a member of the International Sepsis Forum and the German National Academy of Science Leopoldina and founding president of both the German Sepsis Society and the German Sepsis Foundation. His research activities in the field of sepsis and intensive care medicine led to more than 750 peer reviewed publications and the Research Award of the Federal State of Thuringia/Germany.


Niranjan 'Tex' Kissoon, Canada

Tex is Vice Chairman of the GSA, past President of the World Federation of Pediatric Critical and Intensive Care Societies, and Vice President Medical Affairs at BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver, Canada. In 2013, he was awarded the Distinguished Career Award by the AAP for his contribution to the society and discipline. He also holds the UBC BC Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair in Acute and Critical Care for Global Child Health.


Ron Daniels, United kingdom

Ron is CEO of the GSA and Founder and CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust. He also consults for the National Health Service of the UK in critical care, the Department of Health, and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. He has recently developed a suite of educational materials and clinical toolkits in support of improvement, in collaboration with the Royal Colleges and NHS England, and, with over 40 national television appearances, is established as the ‘go to’ person for media coverage of sepsis stories in the UK.


Flavia Machado, Brazil

Flavia is Secretay of the GSA and professor of intensive care and chair of the intensive care session of Anesthesiology, Pain and Intensive Care Department at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. She has been working with the Latin America Sepsis Institute (LASI) since its foundation in 2005. Her involvement focuses on low- and middle income settings as she is highly skilled in education and knowledge translation in these conditions.


Simon Finfer, Australia

Simon is Treasurer of the GSA and Professorial Fellow in the Critical Care and Trauma Division at The George Institute in Sydney, Australia. He is a practicing critical care physician with an appointment as a Senior Staff Specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital and Director of Intensive Care at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Simon is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney Medical School and Editor of The Oxford Textbook of Critical Care (2nd Ed.), the Critical Care Section Editor for The Oxford Textbook of Medicine (6th Ed.)


Ray Schachter, Canada

Ray is Chair of the GSA Task Force and Associate Counsel at Synergy Business Lawyers in Vancouver, Canada. He has practiced in various areas of law for over 40 years. In 1996, Ray miraculously survived acute sepsis, due to critical care and very extensive medical intervention, and has personally experienced the immediate and long-term consequences on himself and his family.


World Sepsis Day Head Office


Marvin Zick, Germany

Marvin is General Manager of the GSA and has a background in Business Administration. Together with the GSA Executive Board, he is responsible for the strategic direction of the GSA, the communication and acquisition of sponsors for the WSD Movement, and the planning and execution of the World Sepsis Congresses. He is in charge of personnel and leading the technical advancement of the GSA. Marvin serves on all GSA Committes.


Angelika Jahn, Germany

Angelika is Project Manager at the WSD Head Office and has a background in Business Administration as well. She is responsible for all communication with the member organizations, the GSA Awards, and everything around World Sepsis Day.


Helen Reinke, Germany

Helen is Project Manager at the WSD Head Office and has a background in applied culture sciences. She is responsible for preparing the biannual WSD Supporter Meetings at ISICEM and ESICM, the WSD Newsletter, and the GSA Website.


GSA Committees & Initiatives


Vida Hamilton, Ireland

Vida is Chair of the Quality Improvement Committee and the National Clinical Lead for Sepsis, sits on the National Sepsis Steering Committee and is co-author of the National Guidelines on Sepsis Management and is leading the implementation programme. She is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Tutor in Anaesthesia for the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland.


Michael Huyghue, United States

Michael is Chair of the Strategic Resourcing Committee and President of Michael Huyghue & Associates LLC, a boutique Sports Management and Consulting Agency based in Florida. A lawyer by training, he is working closely with the Executive Board, the members of the SRC, and Marvin to secure the long-term sustainability of the GSA by developing and executing new innovative ideas to approach fundraising.


Imrana Malik, UNited States

Imrana is GSA Advance Coordinator and Associate Professor in the Department of Critical Care at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) in Houston, Texas. She is primarily involved in direct patient care in the medical and surgical intensive care units.  Her main clinical research interest involves sepsis in cancer patients.


Ray Schachter, Canada

In addition to his role on the Executive Board, Ray is also Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee, which is responsible for governance and organizational structure of the GSA.


Salman Abdulaziz, United Arab Emirates

Salman is Chair of the Communications Committee of the GSA and a member of the Quality Improvement Committee. His main clinical interest is sepsis in health care systems, public awareness, and strategic prevention planning of sepsis in the future.