Global Sepsis Awards - Past Winners

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Since 2015, the Global Sepsis Awards honor major contributions in the global fight against sepsis. They are exclusively sponsored by the Erin Kay Flatley Memorial Foundation and are granted in three categories:

  1. Governments and Healthcare Authorities

  2. Non-Governmental Organizations, Patient Advocate Groups, or Healthcare Provider Groups

  3. Individual Nominees

This page is dedicated to all winners of the Global Sepsis Awards.



Category I

  • Health Service Executive, Ireland

Category II

  • African Sepsis Alliance, Africa

  • German Sepsis Aid, Germany

Category III

  • Dr. Rasha Ashour, Qatar

  • Prof. Dr. Necmettin Unal, Turkey



Category I

  • Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States

Category II

  • Sepsis Alliance, United States

  • Fundación Sepsis México, Mexico

Category III

  • Dr. Alison Fox-Robichaud, Canada

  • Dr. Stephen Macdonald, Australia

  • Team Sue, United States



Category I

  • Hermann Gröhe, Germany

Category II

  • Sepsisdialog, Germany

  • Sudanese Sepsis Alliance, Sudan

Category III

  • Dr. Adam Linder, Sweden

  • Jelena Slijepčević, Croatia



Category I

  • Clinical Excellence Commission, Australia

  • Patient Safety Center of Tuscany Region, Italy

  • National Health Service Wales, United Kingdom

Category II

  • Latin-American Sepsis Institute, Brazil

  • The UK Sepsis Trust, United Kingdom

Category III

  • Marcia J. Ingles, Australia

  • Ratapum Champunot, Thailand

Special Award

  • Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis Prevention, United States

    For more information regarding the 2016 GSA Award Winners, please get in touch.



Category I

  • Dr. Helge Braun, Germany

  • Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoglu, Turkey

  • Dubai Health Authority, UAE

  • Rt. Hon. Mr. Jeremy Hunt, United Kingdom

Category II

  • Alberta Sepsis Network, Canada

  • EduSepsis, Spain

  • Nepal Critical Care Development Foundation, Nepal

Category III

  • Dr. Madiha Hashmi, Pakistan

  • Halima Salisu Kabara, Nigeria

  • Dr. David Sweet, Canada

    For more information regarding the 2015 GSA Award Winners, please get in touch.