Health Innovation Network’s Sepsis Awareness Film for Parents of Children under 5

The early recognition and treatment of sepsis is known to save lives, but sepsis can cause vague symptoms and develop very quickly, particularly in young children. It is therefore vitally important for parents, as well as healthcare professionals, to be aware of the early signs of sepsis in this age group. 

Developed in partnership with NHS England and the ASK SNIFF Safety Netting Collaborative, Health Innovation Network’s short film “Spotting the Signs of Sepsis” (embedded below / YouTube link) was co-designed with parents, for parents, and uses real-life footage to raise awareness of sepsis in young children and empower parents to ask “Could this be Sepsis?” The clinical content is based on the Public Health England and the UK Sepsis Trust’s public awareness campaign launched in 2016. 

The film is publicly available on the NHS Choices’ website and their YouTube channel, with their Facebook launch receiving over 1.1 million views within a week. The sister film “Caring for Children with Fever at Home” provides practical tips and advice for parents.

The films are also being incorporated into the “safety-netting” information that Emergency Department and Primary Care clinicians in England provide to parents of children with fever, or suspected infection, well enough to be cared for at home. Further resources to support this can be found on the Health Innovation Network’s website.

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Template for Release for World Sepsis Day and World Sepsis Congress Spotlight

World Sepsis Day is approaching vigorously, it is less than one week away. On September 12th, the day before WSD, the GSA and the WHO have joined forces to host the 'World Sepsis Congress Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis' - a free online congress shining a spotlight on this neglected aspect of sepsis, as well as giving updates on sepsis in general. 

For World Sepsis Day and World Sepsis Congress Spotlight, we have drafted a press release you can use as a template, tailoring it to the media in your respective country by editing as you see fit and translating, if necessary, and then distributing it.

It includes a quote by the new Director-General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and Prof. Konrad Reinhart, chair of the Global Sepsis Alliance.

Download Press Release WSD & WSC English (PDF)

Download Press Release Template WSD & WSC English
Download Press Release Template WSD & WSC English on Letterhead
Download Press Release Template WSD & WSC Spanish
Download Press Release Template WSD & WSC Spanish on Letterhead
Download Press Release Template WSD & WSC Arabic
Download Press Release Template WSD & WSC Arabic on Letterhead

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A Measure of Light - A True Story About Surviving Sepsis
A Measure of Light front cover (002).jpg

One of the more challenging aspects of sepsis is that it can be contracted by anyone, and in a myriad of ways. And, while the symptoms are not always immediate clear, the outcome can prove to be fatal.

In July 2015, Kirsten Lavine entered hospital to undergo a diagnostic hysteroscopy. Instead of recovering normally from the basic day surgery, she developed severe sepsis and nearly died. This heartfelt account, written with tenderness, insight and even moments of humor, detailing her resolute journey on the road back to wellness.

A Measure of Light is in part a call to raise awareness about the life-threatening potential of sepsis, while championing the importance of taking charge of one’s recovery and following the path of healing that is right for you. It is intended both to educate and to provide support for others who have had similar experiences, and to inspire people to live life to their fullest potential. 

A Measure of Light has been endorsed by the UK Sepsis Trust and as ‘an engaging and informative read…a valuable resource for health care professionals, while offering hope and encouragement to other survivors and their families.’

'A Measure of Light is a very informative and emotional book by a sepsis survivor. It provides a detailed insight into the nature of this terrible disease, and is encouraging not only for those affected and their relatives, but also for health care professionals', says Marvin Zick, General Manager of the Global Sepsis Alliance. 

A Measure of Light will be published on September 7th, and there will be a launch event on World Sepsis Day (September 13th) at the Royal United Hospitals, Bath, UK. The book will be available to buy on, and further information can be found here. Kirsten plans to give a number of talks to promote the book and share her experiences of surviving sepsis. Please contact her directly for further information.

Kirsten Lavine is a UK-based writer, teacher, and oral historian. She has written or been involved with various oral history publications, including: Bear in Mind: Stories of the Troubles, Yarn Spinning, Twin Spire Life, From Baltic Sea to Baltic Wharf and Hineni: Life Portraits from a Jewish Community.

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WSC Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis Only Two Weeks Away

In exactly two weeks, on September 12th, 2017, the Global Sepsis Alliance and the World Health Organization will host the WSC Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis. The WSC Spotlight is a free online congress in the style of the 1st World Sepsis Congress last year, but focuses on a particular topic, which is maternal and neonatal sepsis this year. The opening session will focus on sepsis and its political and social implications, while the last session will give updates on sepsis in general. 

The congress will be held in English and is open to everyone with an internet connection.
For more information on program, speakers, time zones, and to register for free, please visit

In 4 distinctive sessions, 25 speakers from all around the world will share their knowledge on maternal and neonatal sepsis and give updates on sepsis in general in 10-minute presentations and keynotes. After each talk, the speakers will answer live questions from the audience. After the congress, all presentations will be made available to view on demand on the World Sepsis Congress YouTube Channel and as a Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, new Director-General of the WHO, will open the congress on September 12th, 2017, one day before the sixth World Sepsis Day on September 13th


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Invitation to the WSD Supporter Meeting on September 26th at ESICM in Vienna

The GSA will hold its next WSD Supporter Meeting on September 26th at the ESICM Congress in Vienna, Austria. Main topics will be a summary of this year’s main GSA activities, the World Health Assembly Sepsis Resolution and how to make the most of it, as well as a look back on the 6th World Sepsis Day and the WSC Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis, our joint free online congress with the WHO. 

  • Tuesday, September 26th
  • 12:15 to 02:15 pm (lunch break of ESICM)
  • Meeting Room: BM5, Level 0
  • Snacks will be provided
  • Preliminary Agenda is available here

Participation is free of charge and open to everyone. If you want to attend, please write us a short email.

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine is an association of individual persons. Founded in March 1982 in Geneva, Switzerland, ESICM is a non-profit making international association. ESICM supports and promotes the advancement of knowledge in intensive care medicine, in particular the promotion of the highest standards of multidisciplinary care of critically ill patients and their families through education, research and professional development.

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Redesign of World Sepsis Day Homepage

Today, we are incredibly excited to launch the new website of World Sepsis Day, just in time for the upcoming 6th World Sepsis Day on September 13th. 

We hope you like it and are eager to hear what you think

We rebuilt the website from the ground up, including a completely new design, which makes it easier to navigate and find the things you are looking for. The prominent news section makes it possible for you to stay up-to-date on all relevant news on sepsis and our activities, such as the free online congress WSC Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis on September 12th. The site also loads much faster, has a smaller footprint (less use of your costly data), and adapts to the screen size you are using, be it phone, tablet, notebook or desktop. There is also a reliable search function (magnifying glass at the top right) and we have overhauled the donation process, making it extra secure.  Speaking of security, the website is now completely encrypted. And there is much more, for example a more robust back-end and better anlytics for us without tracking you around the internet. 

If you have suggestions to further improve the website, or miss features and functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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A Landmark Conference in the Gulf Region - Red Sea Emergency Medicine (RSEM)

The Department of Emergency Medicine and the Academic and Training Affairs Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center are organizing the Red Sea Emergency Medicine "RSEM" 2017 Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on October 16-18, 2017.

This year the conference is a joint meeting with the Global Sepsis Alliance - "RSEM-GSA 17".

RSEM-GSA 17 will be the first conference in Saudi Arabia addressing sepsis in a comprehensive way, including the challenges and future actions that can be undertaken against sepsis, a global health threat with a national impact.

“The Red Sea Emergency Conference aspires to be a successful, innovative and expanding biennial event that will attract healthcare professionals from both the region and worldwide” wrote Dr. Mwaffak Bashir, Chairman of the DEM at KFSHRC-J and the RSEM Director in his welcome note on the RSEM website.

Dr. Diyaa Nawar and Dr. Sameh Sejiney, Emergency Medicine Consultants and the Chairs of the Organizing Committee gave the following note to the featured delegates:

“Meet national, regional, and international leaders in the world of sepsis and shock from various medical specialties, societies, and organizations… great opportunity for learning and networking…outstanding pre-conference workshops… Emergency Medicine residency programs competitions… spectacular venue and city”

Find out more and register now.

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