Press Release and Press Release Template for World Sepsis Day

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World Sepsis Day is almost here – it is only four days away!

While World Sepsis Day itself continues to raise awareness for sepsis worldwide with countless events on all continents, for example events for medical professionals, sport activities, photo exhibitions, pink picnics, gala events, dinners, public events such as open houses in hospitals and healthcare facilities, and of course online awareness campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more social networks, it is also the most favorable moment to address policymakers, health systems, and medical professionals with regards to the global burden of sepsis.

Through collective and institutional action, mortality rates from sepsis can be reduced by 20 percent by 2025 - there are positive examples from the UK, the US, and Australia, but also from low- and middle-income countries such as Brazil.

Getting this message across is the top priority of our 2019 media campaign and our press release for World Sepsis Day, which you can download below.

Additionally, we have created a template for a press release, which can tailor to your needs and approach the media in your country or jurisdiction.

Press Release

Template for Press Release


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