The WSD Photo Challenge - A Quick and Easy Way to Raise Awareness for Sepsis and World Sepsis Day

WSD Photo Challenge Banner.jpg

With World Sepsis Day less than a month away, we would like to introduce you to the WSD Photo Challenge - a quick and easy way to raise awareness for sepsis and World Sepsis Day.

Just download the photo challenge material from our toolkit section, print the photo board you like the best (there are 7 options to choose from), write your name on it, take a picture, and upload it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, using the hashtag #WorldSepsisDay or tag us in the post (@WorldSepsisDay).

As always, we are interested in your feedback. What do you like? And, more importantly, what could be improved? Are you missing a particular photo board or have an idea for another one? Contact us.

Marvin Zick