2nd WSC – The Most Important Sepsis Research in 2017/2018 (Session 17)

‘The Most Important Sepsis Research in 2017/2018’ - Session 17 from the 2nd World Sepsis Congress - is now available on YouTube (embedded above) and as a Podcast on Apple Podcasts (iTunes link).
It is chaired by Phillip Dellinger from the US and features the following presentations and speakers:

  • Transfusion and Treatment of Severe Anemia in African Children – Kathryn Maitland

  • Alveolar Recruitment for ARDS: The ART Trial – Alexandre Cavalcanti

  • Procalcitonin Antibiotic Consensus Trial (ProACT) – David Huang

  • REMAP CAP – A Platform Trial That Studies Multiple Interventions – Derek Angus

  • Adjunctive Corticosteroids – The ADRENAL Trial – Balasubramanian Venkatesh

  • Making Sense of the Steroid Trials – Simon Finfer

  • The Need for Clinical Sepsis Research in LMICs – Jason Phua

This was the last session of the 2nd World Sepsis Congress - all sessions and presentations are now available on our YouTube Channel, Apple Podcasts, and the congress website.

The 3rd World Sepsis Congress will return in 2020. In the fall of 2019, we will host the WSC Spotlight, shining a spotlight on one particular aspect of sepsis - stay tuned to the GSA or WSD website to learn more…

The 2nd WSC was brought to you free of charge by the Global Sepsis Alliance, fostering our aspiration to bring knowledge about sepsis to all parts of the world. If you enjoyed it or learned something, please consider donating to our cause.

Marvin Zick