2018 WSD Event Poster: Submit Your Pictures Now


Yesterday, September 13th, was World Sepsis Day. Countless events all over the world raised awareness for sepsis, the most preventable cause of death worldwide. Thank you so much for participating.

Like in the previous years, we will summarize all events on the 2018 WSD Event Poster - submission is now open.

Please note that you can only upload one picture per event, so make sure to choose the best/the most representative one.

Since the poster will eventually be printed, we require a certain picture quality. If the form gives you an error message that the picture is too small, please make sure you get the original file off the camera or smartphone, without compressing it. Please don’t submit pictures you have received through WhatsApp, as it compresses pictures beyond recognition.

Please use only the provided form to submit your events - we can’t use pictures that are emailed to us or sent through social media.

We plan to complete the poster by November, and we will make it available for download, as well as sent out printed copies, which you will be able to ‘order’ free of charge as soon as the poster is completed.

Please point your colleagues and friends to our website to submit their events, especially if you know that they did an event for World Sepsis Day.

Marvin Zick