Today is World Sepsis Day: Video, Infographics, Social Media, Poster

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Today is World Sepsis Day - countless events in all parts of the world raise awareness for sepsis today.
There are events for medical professionals, sport activities, photo exhibitions, pink picnics, gala events, dinners, public events such as open houses in hospitals and healthcare facilities, and of course online events and campaigns on social media.

We would like to encourage you to join local WSD Events or participate in the global awareness campaigns taking place online:



Learn what sepsis is, and how to identify and diagnose it in this 3-min video - please share it with your loved ones, family, close friends, and colleagues.

Besides English, this video is also available in SpanishFrenchItalianTurkish, and German (YouTube links). 



On Tuesday, we launched the new WSD Infographics, which you can download here.
They range from symptoms, sources, prevention, risk groups, to physiology, post-sepsis symptoms, and much more. You can use them on social media or anywhere else on the internet, or even print them.



You can use the following posts on social media to help raise awareness for sepsis. All of them are 280 characters or less and work best with a WSD Infographic:

  • #Sepsis is not only a medical emergency, but also a global health crisis, affecting up to 30 000 000 people a year - September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay. Join us in raising awareness for sepsis - awareness saves lives! #stopsepsis #savelives #wsd18

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! Sepsis is the final common pathway to death from most infectious diseases worldwide - these are the most common #sources of #sepsis.

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! While everybody can get #sepsis, certain people are at an even higher risk. Join us in raising awareness for sepsis - awareness saves lives! #stopsepsis #savelives #wsd18

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! #Sepsis is a medical emergency and must be treated immediately - if you see 2 or more symptoms, act immediately. #stopsepsis #savelives #wsd18

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! #Sepsis is the most preventable cause of death worldwide. It can be prevented by vaccination, sanitation, and AWARENESS. Everything depends on you! Join us and #stopsepsis #savelives #wsd18

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! Sepsis does not end at hospital discharge - many #sepsis survivors face lifelong consequences. Join us to raise awareness! #stopsepsis #savelives #wsd18

The official hashtags for World Sepsis Day are: #WorldSepsisDay, #sepsis,#stopsepsis, #savelives, and #wsd18.



After World Sepsis Day, the 2018 WSD Event Poster will summarize all events that took place on WSD. For that, make sure to take some pictures.

On September 14th, we will have a form available here (URL to bookmark: where you can upload your pictures to be featured on the poster.


Thank you so much for your contribution to giving sepsis the recognition it deserves.

For any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Due to sheer volume, please allow us a couple of days to respond.

Marvin Zick