Bloomberg: America Has a $27 Billion Sepsis Crisis


America has a $ 27 Billion Sepsis Crisis, reports Bloomberg. Based on a new government report that was just released this June, sepsis cases tripled in the decade from 2005 to 2014 in the US, causing 1.5 million hospitals stays at the end of 2014.
However, this does not necessarily mean that sepsis cases are rising, as other research presented in May and funded by the Centers for Disease Control came to very similar numbers, but also found out they have been relatively stable since 2009. The alleged uptick in sepsis cases has two reasons, as reported by Bloomberg: Hospitals have incentives to code sepsis more often, and doctors are getting better at spotting it. 
This can be further improved by greater awareness - “The hope is that by alerting the public as well as general practitioners and other people who treat simple infections, that we can educate them about the signs and symptoms", says Chris Seymour, assistant professor of critical care and emergency medicine at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
Source: Bloomberg News

Marvin Zick