GSA Advance


GSA Advance is a coalition of sepsis supporters around the world with the aim of advancing the mission of GSA. 

The mission of the Global Sepsis Alliance is to:

  • Prevent infections leading to sepsis
  • Increase awareness in lay people and healthcare workers
  • Improve access to healthcare and urgent response to sepsis
  • Provide access to adequate rehabilitation for every sepsis survivor

GSA Advance includes several platforms, one of which is the Trainees’/Junior Faculty Platform. The purpose of this platform is to bring the future generation of sepsis champions to the forefront of GSA activities, broadening their scope and impact.

Members will help advocate, represent, and promote the various goals and efforts of the GSA. Specifically, GSA Advance members will join and support the various initiatives of the GSA. Becoming a member of GSA Advance is free of charge and gives members a unique access to the largest professional sepsis network worldwide. There will not be a monetary compensation, but we will pay you in experience. You do not need a medical background and there is no age limit.

Read or download the full invitation letter by Imrana Malik, GSA Advance Coordinator.

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Applications are currently closed.